Welcome to the LernBook community, in this article we will show you how to ask & clarify doubts within LernBook app.

Learning is not just limited to the classroom. The doubts module is a forum for students and teachers to collaborate across the program. It encapsulates the true essence of learning. Students can post a question and tag a teacher to whom the question is addressed. 

All the questions posted by peers and contributors can be viewed on the doubts module. Students & Teachers can filter the doubts by subject, status, and trending questions. 


Under the “My Doubts” tab you can view all the doubts you posted. You can filter your questions by subject, status and trending. 

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Ask a Doubt

Tap the “Ask a Doubt” button to post your question on the doubts forum.


 Select the subject & chapter from the dropdown.

 Enter your question in the question box, you can also attach an image or weblink.




Lastly, you can decide to directly post a question to the teacher by enabling the “Ask a Teacher” button.


Type the name of the teacher and select the name of teacher you want to address the question and tap on the “Submit Question” button.

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You will see the notification toast message at the bottom of the screen. 


Your question is posted, you can see the status of your question is open, number of answers posted and views.


You can interact with your peers and share point of view.


You can mark the answer to indicate once you’ve received a response and your doubt is clarified by the teacher or someone in your peer group.

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