Welcome to the LernBook community, in this article we show you how simple it is to read a textbook using the LernBook app.

The library contains all the books assigned to you. Select the book you want to read by tapping on the book cover.


Table of Content

Launching a book will reveal the Table of contents. The new table of contents page has been designed to provide ultimate convenience. It displays the percentage completion of every chapter and also provides an overview of all the chapters, sections, and assets that are part of the book.

You will be notified if there is a book update at the ToC level. You can update the book by clicking on the “Update Available” button. For more details check out the how-to update the chapter article. (hyperlink this sentence)

Chapter View

The chapter page has a mast image that is relevant to the theme of the chapter along with the chapter name. At the top right-hand side of the screen, you will notice tools like a notebook, search, and quick menu.


Quick Menu

The quick menu will give you access to the ToC & other assets within the book. 






The notebook gives you access to all the highlights, bookmarks, and notes within the chapter. You can locate it and retrieve the information. 




Select a part of the text to launch the book tools. Pick a color in the toolbar to highlight the text. The illustration below demonstrates the creation of a highlight. You can access and manage highlights from the notebook.



Asking a Doubt

Select a part of the text to launch the toolbox, tap the doubt icon to ask doubt to your peer or a teacher.


To ask a doubt, please write down your question in the text field and attach an image/link for context.

Tap on the “Submit Question” button to post your question.

 You will see a toast message that your question has been submitted.




You will see a notification when someone responds to your question. The illustration below demonstrates a response to a question. 









Select a part of the text to launch the toolbox, tap the notes icon to write down your notes.


In the notes pop-up card, enter the notes in the textbox and tap on the “Save Note” button.


 You will see a toast message indicating that your notes are saved. The saved notes will stay in line with the paragraph you made notes to remember. This way you don’t have to go back and forth to retrieve your notes.




Select a part of the text to launch the toolbox, tap the bookmark icon to bookmark a paragraph or an asset.

 You will notice the bookmark is saved in line with the text. It helps in easy retrieval and serves as a reminder.