Welcome to LernBook community, in this article see how to create a device settings bundle

Admin can create device settings to control the device features and functionalities. The settings feature allows the admin to enable/disable all device functions. This settings bundle can also be linked to a policy. 

Every single settings item can be set separately by turning “on” or “off” the slider buttons. Let us look at the procedure of creating a setting

 From the repositories, select settings and click on the ADD NEW + button


  • Enter the Name and Description and click on confirm


  • Switch the slider to set the Wi-Fi settings and enter the Wi-Fi SSID details. You can either manually enter the fields or use the import functions to load a Wi-Fi profile (for Windows only).


  • Admins can specifically set device security lock, activity timeout, password expiration and other password-related settings. Switch the slider to set the different settings and set values.
  • The General section allows admins to control device related functionalities. Switch the sliders for settings you want to enable or disable. Read the instructions under each section. 
  • For example: “Disallow adjust volume” – when set to on, the volume button will be disabled, and when turned off the volume button will be enabled.
  • The most used setting is to lock the recent button, and the status bar so that the students cannot navigate to other options in the device. Apart from the you can also Disable VPN, Disable add user, disable debugging, Home Button, disable app uninstall and Factory reset and many more based on the requirement.


  • Admin can set specific access points to enable users to connect to pre-defined networks. Switch the slider to set the APN settings.






  • Switch the slider to set the wallpaper. Upload a picture (PNG or JPEG) and choose the orientation of the picture


  • Enable the button, set the CA certificate. Paste the certificate content in the text field below








  • Enable the button, set lock screen password and message

The settings repository is now ready. You can also link settings to a policy. By doing this, whenever a policy is applied, settings linked to that policy will also be applied.