Welcome to LernBook community, in this article let’s look at the steps to creating a policy bundle.

On the MDM web console multiple policies can be created for different groups. Admins can apply policies based on the field requirement. Configuring a policy for a student and teacher is different. 

Let us now look at the configuration steps for a policy bundle.

On the menu payload, select the” Policies” tab.

Click on the “Add New” button to create a new policy.

Choose the Operating System for which you want the policy to be applicable.

The policy panel contains four main sections: 

  1. Details
  2. Whitelist/Blacklist
  3. Web
  4. General 

  1. Details

In the textbox type the name of the policy and description in the fields. 

  1. Whitelist/Blacklist

Admins can whitelist/blacklist apps using the blocklist policy. 

Note: By default, all the apps are blacklisted. Admins must create a policy by whitelisting all the essential apps so that they appear on the screen once the device is locked.


Admins can whitelist/blacklist a website

Note: By default, all the websites are blacklisted. Admins must collect and whitelist all the necessary websites for students to access in the KIOSK mode



This provides access to some other device settings that can be applied as part of the policy. Admin can directly apply the setting repository to the policy from the general panel. Activate the ‘Add Setting to policy’ toggle and select the appropriate settings 

You can also add a wallpaper if you wish to and click on CONFIRM. A student’s policy is now created

Click on “Confirm” to save the policy