Welcome to the LernBook community, in this article we demonstrate the steps on how to access the content your teacher published. As a student, you can receive additional learning material from your teachers. 

We currently support five file formats as Image, Link, PDF, Audio & Video to make learning fun, and collaborative.

Teacher Published Content

On the teacher published content page you will see all the content your teacher published. You can filter the learning material by Teacher name, subject, chapter and category. 

To access the content tap on the card you want to read. 

The publish content card will display the details of the content your teacher shared. Tap on the “Download” button to be able to access the content offline

If you like the content, you can send your like by tapping on the “Yes” button. On submission you can see the percentage of your peers who like the content

If you feel the content was not helpful you can tap on the “No” button. The feedback will be sent anonymously to the teacher.