Welcome to the LernBook community, in this article we demonstrate the steps on how to publish content to an Individual. As a teacher, you can share additional learning material with your students. 

We currently support five file formats as Image, Link, PDF, Audio & Video to make learning fun, and collaborative.

Publish Content

On the publish content page tap on the “Publish New Content” button

It is a fairly simple two step process:

Step 1: Content Details

  • Select the subject, chapter, category and other category details from the drop down. 
  • Enter the description in the textbox. 
  • Attach the a file and tap on the “Next Step” button.


The illustration below demonstrates the screen filled with all the content details.

Step 2: Publish Details

Select the “Individual” radio button to publish the content to an individual student.

From the drop down select the name of the student you want to share the content. You can add several students but we suggest using the group feature if you want to publish content to more than five students.

You can tap the “Save as Draft” to save the message and publish it later. 

Tap on the “Publish” button to send the content to your students

You will see a toast message that confirms the content was successfully published. You can choose to republish the same message to another class by tapping on the “Republish” button.