Welcome to the LernBook community, in this article we demonstrate the steps on how to publish content to a Form. As a teacher, you can share additional learning material with your students. 

We currently support five file formats as Image, Link, PDF, Audio & Video to make learning fun, and collaborative.

Publish Content

It is a fairly simple two step process:

Step 1: Content Details

  • Select the subject, chapter, category and other category details from the drop down. 
  • Enter the description in the textbox. 
  • Attach the a file and tap on the “Next Step” button.

The illustration below demonstrates the screen filled with all the content details.

Step 2: Publish Details

Select the “Form” radio button to publish the content to the entire Form.

 From the drop down select the Form & Section details.

 You can tap the “Save as Draft” to save the message and publish it later. 

Tap on the “Publish” button to send the content to your students.